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Happy Birthday to Me! – 24 Lessons Learned by 24

Happy birthday to moi!!! Effectively I’ve lived 2 decades and a quadrennium (yeah, I checked all that). It’s been an interesting journey so far. This …

Redefining Career

The Woman with Childs

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The Woman with Childs

Every year we see her. Tall, lanky with several amulets and a dirty head wrap. And every year she has a new baby. We always …

Like Scars in Life – Ep 02 (The Discovery)

Like Scars in Life – Ep 01 (The Fine Family)

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The Wandering Mind 1 — On Miracles

Have you noticed that the world just keeps getting worse day by day? Did you realise that the old man you used to give money …

How Do You Treat God?

Spiritual Influence

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